Title : Alternative Troubled Teen Programs to Military School
Date: 29 Jun 21, Auth: Charles R.

Other Options for Military Schools for Troubled Teens


Boarding schools are among the many options you have available when your troubled teen is in need of a secondary education option. This will review some advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools in order to assist you in selecting the right program for your troubled child. While these programs can provide a great way for your child to gain a quality education, there are also disadvantages and dangers associated with them that need to be discussed.


Advantages of these Troubled Teen Programs


The biggest advantage that these schools have over private schools for troubled teens is that they are much more affordable. These programs offer excellent programs at dramatically reduced rates, allowing parents to provide their children with an exceptional education at an affordable price. They are also much better suited to helping children adjust from their negative environment to a positive one, as many of these programs have peer support groups that provide an invaluable support network for these young people. These programs are also much less likely to put your child in physical harm or allow them to become involved in dangerous activities.


Major Advantages of Therapeutic Boarding Schools


In addition to the cost, one of the major advantages of therapeutic boarding schools is the type of help that is offered to your child. These programs offer therapy sessions that focus on everything from anxiety and depression to behavioral issues and life skills. These sessions will often include both individual and group counseling sessions, as well as therapeutic cooking lessons and art therapy. Individualized one-on-one counseling sessions are available, and often with a focus on your troubled teen's personal problems within their families.


The Drawbacks to Therapeutic Boarding Schools


There are a few drawbacks to therapeutic boarding schools, however. Perhaps the most glaring drawback is the fact that these schools do not provide any sort of social skills training to their students. This means that they are at a disadvantage to help your troubled teens adjust to college life or work life. Social skills training is essential to helping troubled teens cope with adjusting to new routines and environments. Therapeutic boarding schools will not be able to provide this type of social skills training.


Another disadvantage of these type of treatment programs is that many of them strive to meet the regulatory parameters of residential treatment centers, but are slightly different. Many times, the schools will require a young person to live very far away from their family. While the schools might be able to provide onsite tutoring and counseling, they will not be able to meet the needs of a troubled teen who must make frequent trips back home. This can be a difficult issue for both parents and children.


Troubled Teen Programs Matching your Child's Struggles


There are some programs, however, that can help these troubled kids find success in a new setting. Programs such as wilderness therapy or teen boot camps are highly effective programs. In these programs, the emphasis should be on therapy rather than solely a rigorous academic program. The emphasis is more on finding solutions to the emotional and behavioral issues that cause a troubled teen to become defiant or non-compliant. Teen boot camps typically last two to four weeks and require the teen to live on the campground and attend classes.  If your troubled teen child requires more of a wakeup call, which could be a short timeframe for treatment that can help them get back on track, perhaps teen boot camps may be the match.  However, if your child's struggles are severe and have gone on beyond a year, then you may want to consider a long-term treatment option such as a therapeutic boarding school, or a residential treatment center.  If your child's problems stem mainly from behavioral issues that are not caused by trauma, or previous unresolved mental or emotional injury, then a Military School will provide your teen help.  We are here for you every step of the way, so please get your teen help today.