Title : Military Schools - Help for Troubled Youth
Date: 11 Nov 20, Auth: Peter T.

Military Schools - Help for Troubled Youth

You may have seen or heard that military schools are no longer accepting troubled youth. You may also have the notion that all boot camps for troubled teens are equally bad. There is some truth to both of these notions. Boot camps and military schools do differ in their ways of treating troubled youth. There are ways to find a boot camp or a military school that will best work for your troubled teen.


Are Military Schools no longer accepting Troubled Teens?

Despite what you have seen and heard on television and in films, military school can actually be an appropriate venue to send troubled teens.  It is common for concerned parents to consider military schools as a tough, structured, and self-disciplined environment where those who enter will take a harder line on discipline from the beginning. Many boot camps have been scrutinized and have even been closed due to inappropriate treatment of troubled teens.  Nevertheless, there are a few boot camps that can help.  The apporpriate boot camp for your teen will be dependent upon the philosophy of the program.


Boot Camps Tough Treatment


Although it seems like the right thing to do, be careful because harsh punishments are not always the best way to treat troubled teens. This can take its toll on the teenager. It is common for the teenager's behavior to get worse instead of better once they are subjected to results/consequences that lead to harsh punishments because of direct accountability for unacceptable behavior.  Sending a teenager to a military school or boot camp might be the answer. There are programs that focus on helping troubled youth with the coping skills they need to survive in this harsh environment. These programs are designed for your teen to get help to become adjusted and adapt to their new environment.


Residential Treatment Centers May be an Alternative Option


Residential treatment centers are another alternative that you may want to look into. These programs offer a one-on-one therapeutic setting for your troubled youth. You can get them the support they need to deal with their new situation and the tools they need to deal with their problems. Your teen will be able to make progress toward healing when they are receiving all the help they need in a supportive environment.


Get Your Troubled Teen In The Driver's Seat


Boot camps and residential treatment centers can give your troubled teens the tools they need to make progress in this new environment. However, if they feel like they are being pushed into a corner, your teen may rebel. Be sure you have given them the freedom to make decisions in regards to their recovery. Giving them structure at a military school or therapeutic boarding school is critical to the success of your troubled teen. If your troubled teen needs to have a change of direction, give them the freedom to do so.


Therapeutic Boarding Schools


Residential treatment centers and military schools can help your troubled teen with the tools they need to make progress. However, if your teen needs more than just therapy they may not be ready for residential treatment or a boot camp. If this is the case, therapeutic boarding schools can be a great option for your teen. You should contact a school counselor or psychologist who can help determine which program would work best for your teen's needs.  For immediate help, contact us.