Title : Things To Do On Procreate When You're Bored
Date: 12 Jul 23, Auth: Robert S.

Unleash Your Creativity with Fun and Unique Procreate things to draw When Bored

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your device, wondering what you could do to challenge your creativity, escape boredom, and take full advantage of your idle periods? This digital era we find ourselves in has given birth to numerous tools and applications that can help us break the monotony, one of which is Procreate. A powerhouse of digital art creation, Procreate provides an expansive platform where you can explore, innovate and bring your creative endeavours to life.

Boredom can often lead to the greatest creativity. And, when coupled with a tool as comprehensive as Procreate, possibilities are endless. From digital painting, creating animated GIFs, designing your own fonts to 3D modeling, Procreate harbours an array of projects you can dive into, given the right inspiration and direction.

In this article, we will journey through a selection of fun, imaginative tasks that you can undertake using Procreate to stave off boredom. These tasks not only offer an enjoyable pastime but also help hone your skills, thereby enabling you to improve your creative prowess. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or proficient Procreate user, these tasks will provide fresh and interesting challenges to keep your creative juices flowing.

Exciting and Artistic Pastimes to Experiment With in Procreate During Dull Moments

For those moments when you find yourself stuck in a rut and looking for something new to do, Procreate offers a series of enjoyable and inventive pursuits. It's not only a platform for professional digital artists, but also a playground for creative minds craving for some fun. Let's look into some of them:

Sketching and Digital Painting

Irrespective of your artistic prowess, sketching and digital painting are very engaging activities to explore. You can either generate your idea or massage the old ones in your sketchpad. The diverse brush options and ease of color blending can stimulate your creativity and help you create stunning artwork.

Craft Your Own Brushes

Creating your custom brushes is another interesting pastime on Procreate. This feature allows you to regulate the texture, shape, and dynamics of your brush. Consequently, you get a unique tool tailored to your artistic likings, resulting in a highly personalized art experience.

Animation Making

The world of animation is exciting and highly creative. Procreate’s animation assist feature allows you to make simple GIFs, looping animations, and more complex animated sequences. This not only improves your skill set but also offers a whole new dimension of fun to your casual doodles.

Invite Your Friends for a Drawing Challenge

Another noteworthy activity to take upon when you're bored is a drawing challenge with friends. Sharing your canvas with others and creating collaborative art pieces is not only enjoyable but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among you and your creative buddies.

Create Digital Calligraphy

With Procreate’s streamlined brush engine and extensive typography options, digital calligraphy becomes a breeze. Whether you’re looking to improve your typography skills or venturing into calligraphy for the first time, starting with a fun project or a favorite quote can really spruce up your activities.

Procreate is full of countless other entertaining possibilities to choose from. Experimentation is key, and the most important thing is to allow your creativity to flow freely.

Discover the Artist Within: A Guide to Essential Procreate Tools for Novices

While dealing with a phase of boredom, unleashing your inner artist might be a delightful diversion. The Procreate app offers a wide variety of creative possibilities, transforming your tablet into an art studio instantaneously. If you are a novice, understanding the basic Procreate tools could be an essential first step in exploring the depth of your artistic potential.

Brush Library is one of the first things that you will encounter. It contains a plethora of brushes for different mediums, which you can additionally customize by altering the settings. Start experimenting with varying lengths, opacities, or pressures and observe how it affects your artwork.

Your art cannot be complete without colors, and selecting the perfect shades is made simple by color picker. It flaunts an extensive color wheel and many pre-designed palettes. You can also create your unique palette by adding colors directly from the color picker.

The Eraser and Smudge tools are other remarkable features. The Eraser behaves similarly to a brush, giving you the flexibility to choose from various eraser types. The Smudge tool helps in blending the colors, an essential task while creating realistic pieces.

The Advanced Procreate Tools

Once you get comfortable with the basic tools, you might want to explore the more advanced features. The Liquify and QuickShape tools aid in distorting your artwork and creating geometric shapes respectively. Meanwhile, the Alpha Lock and Clipping Mask assist in creating intricate designs by limiting your drawing area.

In conclusion, Procreate is the perfect platform to quench your creativity cravings when boredom strikes. With an understanding of its basic and advanced tools, even beginners can easily navigate their way through the application and produce some breathtaking art.

  1. Start by familiarizing yourself with the interface and the Brush Library.
  2. Understand the functionalities of color picker, Eraser and Smudge tool.
  3. Move to advanced tools like the Liquify and QuickShape tools.
  4. Utilize features like Alpha Lock and Clipping Mask for detailed designs.

Embarking on a Journey of Creating Enthralling and Vivid Artworks using Procreate

Procreate, a revolutionary digital art studio available on your iPad, offers endless possibilities to give your creativity a new wind, especially when boredom sets in. By exploring this powerhouse of an application, you can produce fun, bright, and lively digital paintings that can both capture your imagination and render an immersive experience to your audience.

Creating Digital Art that Pops Off the Screen

Unleashing your creativity through digital painting becomes a fulfilling pastime with Procreate. This platform brims with diversity and flexibility, offering artists a plethora of tools and features that can facilitate the production of captivating and vivacious art pieces. The breadth of brushes, gradients, design tools, and layers empowers you to transform the blank canvas into a vibrant art affair.

How to Dive Into this Creative Endeavor?

  1. Play with Colours: Begin by familiarizing yourself with the extensive colour palette Procreate offers. This handy tool allows you to combine and experiment with various colours, enabling you to create fascinating and striking art pieces.
  2. Explore Brushes: Next, dive headfirst into the wide array of brushes available. From acrylic and watercolour brushes to charcoal and spray paints, you can experiment with different brush strokes to infuse a unique character into your artwork.
  3. Dabble with Layers: The ability to work with multiple layers is a boon for digital artists. Procreate allows you to handle numerous layers simultaneously, offering you the freedom to add various elements to your artwork with ease.
  4. Experiment with Design Tools: Finally, don't miss out on experimenting with Procreate's design tools. Smudge, erase, blend, and more to refine your artwork and make it speak volumes.

With Procreate, you can transform your idle hours into an opportunity to submerge yourself in a world of immersive art. The ability to experiment, explore and create fun and vibrant digital paintings elevates your creative pursuit to a new echelon and turns boredom into engagement.

Creating Moving Images on Procreate for Your Social Media Platforms

The use of Procreate, a popular digital illustration app, can transform dull moments into an exciting opportunity to take your creativity a notch higher. If you’ve ever wondered how you could create a bit of visual excitement on your social media platforms, then animating GIFs on Procreate could be just the thing for you.

Getting started with animating GIFs on Procreate is straightforward. Begin by creating a new canvas. Then, draw your first frame. Here's an exciting part, tap on the layers panel and create a new layer for each frame you want in your animation. Remember that each layer represents a frame in your animation.

Now, how exactly do you bring your static drawing into life?

Enable the animation assist located within the Actions menu. This functionality allows you to control the speed of your frames, hence determining the smoothness of your animation. The more frames per second (FPS), the smoother your animation becomes.

Once you're content with your masterpiece, it's time to share your animated GIF with the world. Save your work in GIF form and share it on your social media platform. Voila! You just spiced up your social media presence with an animated GIF created in Procreate.

An Inspiration List of GIFs to Animate in Procreate

  • Hand-lettering with an animated sparkle to accent certain words
  • Animated pets with twitching whiskers or wagging tails
  • Skyline with moving clouds
  • Rain falling in a leaf or petals blowing in the wind
  • Your logo, but with moving parts

With Procreate, the possibilities are truly endless, so don't hesitate to let your imagination run wild. Animation can add an extra touch of magic and wit to your social media platforms — start today!

Mastering the Art of Eye-catching Digital Artwork with Procreate

When encountering tedious moments, Procreate is an excellent platform to test your creative prowess. The platform offers an array of dynamic and interactive tools that will help you turn a simple scribble into a visual masterpiece. Here are a few tips to get you started on creating captivating digital illustrations with Procreate.

Understand the Procreate Interface

The first step in creating striking digital art pieces is understanding the Procreate interface. Doing so guides you on which tools to use and when, depending on your artwork. This includes understanding the brushes, layers, color wheel, and eraser. Spend time familiarizing yourself with these components - they're your main tools for crafting beautiful pieces.

Experiment with Different Brushes & Techniques

Procreate offers an array of brushes to choose from; each exhibiting its distinctive effect. Experimenting with different brushes not only enhances your creativity but also helps you understand the best brushes to use for various illustrations. Don't shy away from trying out the smudge tool and the eraser - they can make a significant difference in your artwork.

The Power of Layers

Layers are a game-changing aspect when it comes to digital illustration. They help you manage different elements of your work independently without affecting the whole piece. For example, you can create a sketch on one layer, the base colors on another, and the final shading and texturing on yet another layer. This allows much-needed flexibility and control over your art.

Master the Color Technique

Colors breathe life into your illustrations. Use the color wheel to form a harmonious color scheme. Experiment with color shades and gradients to give your artwork a more realistic touch. You can adjust the opacity of each layer, thereby controlling the intensity of the colors. Procreate also has a color drop tool that makes coloring more straightforward and accurate.

Finally, practice, practice, practice! Like any other skill, creating captivating digital art pieces requires consistent practice and patience. You continue to grow and refine your style with each piece you create. Remember, creativity knows no boundaries, so let your imaginations run free and have fun with Procreate!

Bring Your Letter Art to Life with Procreate

Procreate is an incredible tool for creating stunning lettering and calligraphy pieces. It offers an array of features to make your letters art come alive and look professional.

Breathtaking Flourished Letter Styles are achievable thanks to the different brush settings Procreate provides. You can explore the settings and create or download brushes that suit your lettering style.

  1. Pressure sensitivity: This gives your letters a beautiful transition from thick to thin strokes, enabling you create authentic calligraphy.
  2. Brush opacity and flow: These settings can be adjusted to create transparent or solid letters depending on the desired effect.
  3. Smoothing: This feature helps to smoothen out shaky lines, giving your letters a polished look.

Turn Your Letters into Art with Procreate

Letter art is the perfect pastime for those times when you're looking to channel your creativity. With Procreate, you can take this a notch higher by embellishing your letters with artistic elements to bring them to life.

  • Try colour blending to add depth to your artwork by adding gradients or creating ombre effects.
  • Experiment with layering by piling letters or shapes on top of each other for a more complex look. Just remember to keep each element on a separate layer to avoid damaging your original artwork.
  • For a trendy touch, try empowering your artwork with textures. Procreate has many custom brushes that can be used to add texture to your lettering piece.
  • Another fun activity is animation. Yes, you can animate your letters in Procreate to make them jump, dance or change color over time!

To sum up, creating beautiful lettering and calligraphy artworks in Procreate is a wonderful way to spend your leisure time. Regardless of your skill level, you'll always be able to make interesting pieces of art with this versatile tool. So, let your imagination run wild and start creating!

How to Enrich Your Artworks with Textures in Procreate

One way to bring your digital art to life in Procreate and break up the monotony when you're feeling uninspired is by incorporating textures into your artwork. Digital textures can significantly enhance depth, dimension, and visual interest to your pieces, making them more captivating and engaging.

The Basics of Applying Textures in Procreate

To start with, select the brush that best suits your texture needs within Procreate. The app comes with an extensive selection of pre-loaded brushes, or you can import custom ones that you've created or sourced from elsewhere. Experiment with various brushes to find ones that create a texture similar to what you're aiming for.

You can apply texture on a new layer above your base artwork to maintain the flexibility to modify or remove it later if needed. Use varying brush strokes, pressures, and opacity levels to build up your texture. Don't be afraid to layer different brushes or mix colors to create more complex, realistic textures.

Hint: Blending modes can be a game changer in texture creation. They can allow your texture to interact in a unique way with the layers below them, thus, creating intriguing visual results.

Creating Custom Textures Using Procreate

In addition to using brushes, you might want to venture out and create your own custom textures in Procreate. For instance, you can take photographs of interesting textures in your environment, like a wood grain, a concrete wall, or crumpled paper, and import them into Procreate. Once you've adjusted the image to your liking, create a new layer and use a brush to trace over the image. This will result in a bespoke texture that you can incorporate into your artwork to add a distinctive, personal touch.

  • Layering and Blending: Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering different custom textures on top of each other, and try out different blending modes to see how they interact.
  • Grayscale Textures: The use of grayscale textures can also be a unique way of introducing subtlety and tonal variation to your pieces.
  • Playing with Opacity: Remember to use the opacity slider to dial the intensity of your texture up or down depending on what your artwork requires.

No matter what creative path you choose to take in Procreate, remember, the real merit lies in the journey and the discoveries you make while creating. So, go ahead, blend, mix, layer and most importantly, have fun while you add unique textures to your artwork!

Creating Compelling Posters and Advertisements with the Use of Procreate Software

Experiencing downtime with Procreate on your iPad does not have to be boring. One exciting activity you can venture into is the designing of appealing posters and advertisements. This digital art application, equipped with superior painting, sketching, and drawing tools, is perfect for creating stand-out graphics for both personal projects and professional work.

Taking advantage of Procreate’s diverse Brushes feature will kickstart your poster and ad designing experience. Using custom-made brushes or selecting from an array of brush libraries, setting your desired texture, gradients, and blending effects is a breeze. These brushes enable you to precisely imitate the effects of real-world art tools like watercolour brushes, charcoal sticks, or airbrushes.

Customizing Fonts in Procreate for Eye-catching Text Elements

Do not underestimate the power of typography in your designs. The correct usage of font styles, sizes, and colours can significantly impact the overall appeal of your posters and advertisements. Procreate has a wide variety of pre-installed fonts that you can easily manipulate to match your design requirements. You can also import your favourite fonts to ensure your designs stand out.

  • Play with size and positioning to create depth and interest.
  • Use letter spacing and line height adjustments to achieve a balanced and harmonious layout.
  • Experiment with blending modes and layer effects for your text elements to add a unique and creative touch.

With Procreate, the opportunity to design posters and ads with ease and creativity is at your fingertips. It's time to unleash your creative potential and create stunning designs while having fun. So, delve into Procreate, experiment with its multitude of features, and design away your boredom!

Exploring the Realm of Realistic Portraits and Imaginative Character Development on Procreate

Decoding the Art of Realistic Portraits

Feeling uninspired? Try out an exhilarating digital art form like realistic portrait drawing in Procreate. This highly versatile app, packed with sophisticated brushes and intuitive controls, imparts a traditional canvas-like feel which is ideal for making lifelike portraits. You'll be surprised how quickly you forget your boredom as you strive to capture every detail of the human face!

How do you begin? Start off by choosing a reference picture, optimally in good lighting with clear features. It's okay if it’s not a professional picture. Even a well-clicked selfie would suffice. The next step is to make an initial outline composition by using a 'hard airbrush'. Be mindful of the proportions during this stage as it sets the groundwork for your masterpiece.

Branching out into Character Development

After you master the basics of portrait drawing, why not stretch your creative wings a little and venture into character design? Anybody can draw a character, but designing one requires strategic thinking and a sprinkle of storytelling. Procreate's extensive creative tools can help you bring your imaginations to life.

Where to start? Begin with a rough sketch of your character, be it a valiant knight, a cunning rogue, or a whimsical fairy. Give thought to their background, personality, and role. Keep refining and adding details until you're satisfied.

  • Use the 'liquify tool' to adjust the shape without altering the overall composition.
  • Fiddle with the 'color balance adjustment' feature to add a unique flair.
  • The 'quick shape' tool is highly effective in drafting character tattoos or accessories.

In a nutshell, Procreate is a canvas for your creativity. From realistic portraits to vivid characters, there are endless fun and innovative activities to delve into when boredom strikes. So, let your creativity roam free and make boredom a thing of the past!

Crafting Aesthetic Photo Collages and Designing Mood Boards Using the Procreate App

When the monotony of everyday life leaves your creativity craving for a new outlet, crafting a pleasing photo collage or designing a mood board on Procreate can be an excellent avenue for inspiration. Procreate, a versatile digital art application for iPad users, allows you to experiment and let your creativity have free rein, even when you find yourself succumbing to boredom.

Creating Aesthetic Photo Collages

Collages, regarded as a timeless form of art, play an integral role in expressing a compilation of thoughts, feelings and ideas, all gathered into one creative project. Making an aesthetic collection of images in Procreate is a fascinating project in its simplicity.

Start by choosing the pictures that mirror your sentiments or thoughts that you would like to convey. Set these photos against a background that complements the theme of your collage. You can opt to use images sourced from the Web, or your personal image library. Play around with varying sizes, transparency levels, and layerings until your masterpiece exudes the vibe you intended.

Designing Mood Boards in Procreate

Similarly, mood boards are commonly used in creative industries to visually communicate ideas that resonate with certain emotions or themes. To start creating a mood board in Procreate, consider the thoughts or emotions you want to convey.

  1. Collect images, graphics, textures or color swatches that match your chosen theme.
  2. Make use of the layering feature in Procreate to arrange your elements harmoniously.
  3. To give your mood board dimension, you can choose to add shadows using the airbrush tool or texture using the various brush types on the app.

Whether it's an aesthetic collage or a design-inspired mood board, Procreate is a powerful tool that can transform boredom into a fun exploration of creativity and design. So, next time when boredom strikes, consider picking up your iPad and let your imagination take the lead.

Delving into the Realm of Abstract Art: A Playground of Brush Strokes and Procreate Effects

When it comes to defeating boredom with innovative activities, exploring the unseen avenues of abstract art in Procreate can unleash a whirl of creativity. The major highlights is the unrestricted freedom it offers, allowing the artist to experiment with brushes and effects, leading to unique artifacts of imagination.

Procreate is known for its extensive library of versatile brushes that cater to every artist's whims and fancies. For instance, using the "washed" brush can help in creating visuals with soft, flowing lines and blended colors that abstract art is known for. Conversely, the "glitch" brush can introduce elements of distortion and irregularity, perfectly enriching the essence of this form of art.

Electricity, lighting and liquify effects can substantially elevate the appearance of your artwork, bringing depth and variety into your compositions. The lighting and electricity effects can be used to add unexpected nuances to your art, while the liquify effect offers control to adjust and manipulate shapes to create unique structures.

  • Switching between the blend modes like difference, subtraction or exclusion can lead to some awe-inspiring results in terms of color combinations and contrasts.
  • An integral part of abstract art is disruption of normal patterns. Using composition guides like Quadrant Symmetry or Mirroring can help you create complicating yet harmonizing elements.
  • Don't forget about layering. Multiple layers of shapes, lines, and colors can deliver a mesmerizing depth.

To keep the energy flowing, take advantage of the endless possibilities and play with different brushes and effects. Tweak settings, from the size and opacity to the pressure dynamics. Remember, there is no 'correct' way to create abstract art – it's all about the process of exploration, experimentation, and most importantly, self-expression.

Abstract art on Procreate is not just a great way to pass time, but can also lead to the discovery of innovative techniques, honing skills, or simply forming a piece of self-reflective art. So, delve into your creative side and start painting your abstract world, one stroke at a time.

FAQ: Things to do on procreate when you're bored

What is Procreate?

Procreate is a powerful and intuitive digital illustration app available for iPad. It's packed with features artists love, from layers and blend modes to a vast library of brushes and effects.

Can I experiment with brushes and effects in Procreate?

Yes, Procreate allows you to experiment with a wide variety of brushes and effects. You can create your own brushes, customize existing ones, and use effects to add texture and dimension to your abstract art.

What kind of brushes are available in Procreate?

Procreate features a wide variety of brushes, including paint brushes, pencils, inks, pastels, and more. Each brush can be customized with different settings to achieve your desired effect.

How can I create my own brushes in Procreate?

You can create your own brushes in Procreate by selecting the + icon in the brushes menu. From there, you can customize various properties such as shape, grain, dynamics and more to create your unique brush.

What kind of effects can be created in Procreate?

Procreate offers various effects such as smudging, blurring, sharpening, noise, glitch, chromatic aberration and more. These effects can add significant depth and variety to your digital artwork.

Can I create Abstract Art in Procreate?

Yes, you can certainly create abstract art in Procreate. The vast array of brushes and effects, along with the ability to create custom brushes, allows you to freely experiment and brings abstract ideas to life.

How can I use layers in my abstract art in Procreate?

Layers are a powerful tool in Procreate that allows you to work on different parts of your artwork separately. This is particularly useful in abstract art where you may want to experiment with different elements without affecting the entire piece.

Are there any resources or tutorials for creating abstract art in Procreate?

Yes, there are plenty of online resources and tutorials available for creating abstract art in Procreate. This includes tutorial videos, blog articles, online workshops, and more. Procreate's official website and social media channels are also a great place to start.

How can I start experimenting with brushes and effects in abstract art on Procreate software?

Beginning to experiment with brushes and effects on Procreate involves understanding your toolkit. The app provides a diverse range of pre-designed brushes under various categories like sketching, inking, artistic, etc. Begin by understanding the effect these brushes have and manipulating factors like size, opacity, and flow. Also, get familiar with layers and blending modes for creating intriguing effects. Practice is also key in learning how to combine different brushes and effects to create different textures and details.

What are some fun and cool things to draw on Procreate, especially for beginners looking for creative ideas?

Procreate offers a wide range of drawing ideas, from simple and easy sketches to more complex abstract designs and watercolor paintings.

How can I find Procreate tutorials and video tutorials to learn the basics and improve my digital drawing skills?

You can easily discover videos related to things like Procreate tutorials on platforms like YouTube or the Creative Market blog, which often share valuable tips and tricks for digital artists.

Are there any specific Procreate brushes or watercolor brushes that are recommended for making digital art on the app?

Procreate offers a variety of brushes, including watercolor brushes, that can be used to achieve different art styles and effects in your digital drawings.

What are some popular themes or ideas for digital drawing on Procreate, such as hand lettering, flora, fantasy art, or cartoon characters?

Some popular themes for digital drawing on Procreate include hand lettering, botanical illustrations (flora), fantasy art, and creating cartoon characters.

How can Procreate's symmetry tool be used to enhance digital drawings and create symmetrical art pieces?

Procreate's symmetry tool allows artists to draw symmetrical designs and patterns with ease, making it a valuable feature for creating visually balanced artworks.

What are some paper textures and color palettes available on Procreate that can add unique elements to digital drawings?

Procreate offers various paper textures and color palettes that can be used to add texture and depth to your digital drawings, enhancing the overall artistic style.

How does Procreate make it easy for artists to draw digitally, and what advantages does it offer compared to traditional drawing methods?

Procreate's user-friendly interface and powerful tools make digital drawing accessible to artists of all levels, and it offers the convenience of undo/redo, layers, and limitless possibilities for experimentation.

Can Procreate be used to create animated art or quick drawings, and are there specific features to facilitate animation?

Procreate does allow for creating animated art by using its animation assist feature, which helps artists bring their drawings to life with movement and transitions.

Where can I find special Procreate brushes or additional resources to add to my Procreate app and expand my digital art toolkit?

You can find special Procreate brushes and additional resources on platforms like the Creative Market, which offers unlimited access to various creative assets for artists.

What are some tips for overcoming creative blocks when using Procreate and finding inspiration for new drawing ideas?

To overcome creative blocks, artists can explore different Procreate tutorials, experiment with various brushes and art styles, and look for inspiration in nature, everyday objects, or other artworks.

What are some procreate drawing ideas that beginners can try to get their creative juices flowing?

Beginners can explore simple and easy things to draw on Procreate, such as flowers, landscapes, cute animals, or abstract patterns, to kickstart their creativity.

How does Procreate's user-friendly interface and a variety of brushes make it easy to create digital art?

Procreate's intuitive interface and diverse brush selection enable users to easily express their artistic ideas and bring them to life on the digital canvas.

Are there any specific Procreate tutorials available for beginners to learn the basics of the app and improve their digital drawing skills?

Yes, there are plenty of Procreate tutorials available online that cater to beginners, providing step-by-step guidance on using the app's tools and features.

How can Procreate's resize feature be utilized to modify the size of digital drawings or elements within a design?

With Procreate's resize feature, artists can easily adjust the size of their artwork or specific elements within their compositions, allowing for precise control over the final output.

What makes Procreate a popular choice for digital artists and why is it considered a powerful digital drawing app?

Procreate's advanced features, such as support for Apple Pencil, a wide range of brushes, and the ability to work with layers, make it a preferred choice for digital artists seeking a robust drawing experience on iPad.